Bangkok Jam’s Food

By Kiana Koh I have always passed by the restaurant but never tried it, until my aunt made a reservation there for dinner! Bangkok Jam serves authentic Thai cuisine at affordable prices, and I guess that is what draws a lot of people to dine there! The whole restaurant looks and feels comfortable, and it is the sort of place you would go to, to … Continue reading Bangkok Jam’s Food

Geylang Bazaar

By Kiana Koh As we are slowly slipping into the middle of the year again, it is Ramadan season, whereby all Muslims worldwide commemorate the first revelation of the Quran by fasting. During this period of time, Singapore has an annual Geylang Serai Bazaar, which sells everything from food to makeup! Over the years, it has become a trend for the younger generation to visit … Continue reading Geylang Bazaar

Jalan Kayu

By Kiana Koh Jalan Kayu is a household name amongst Indian cuisine lovers, and there are quite a few stalls around Singapore now! The one I always visit is the one at West Coast Plaza. Jalan Kayu is located at level B1, just opposite the New Balance outlet store! The place is pretty clean, but do note that if you do decide to eat in, … Continue reading Jalan Kayu