Contributing Editors

Juls HJuls Huang: Writer, dancer, and dreamer. She currently teaches History and likes to ponder the sociological whys of busy urban life against the historical context of her city. An adult ballerina, this late bloomer finds beauty in the things she sees and is always looking for new places to explore and good food to eat (check out some of her work.) She hopes to bring an intellectual slant served up with a good pinch of joy in all her articles.  See all of Juls articles on Full Access Singapore.  

Janness Koh Profile PictureJanness Koh: Pretty much known as the nerdy girl who travels, writes, bakes, is a foodie, and a self-proclaimed makeup expert. She spends more money on travels and makeup than anything else and is grateful for being able to see so much of this world. She will swop the boring modern city life to the adventurous magical world where Hogwarts and live chocolate frogs exist anytime. So passionate about writing and the beauty of words, she hopes to share all things under the sun with everybody out there who’s willing to read. (Follow along on her Personal Blog.)   See all of Janness’ articles on Full Access Singapore.


kiana-kohKiana Koh: A daydreamer whose wandering mind takes her on spontaneous adventures! She is always on the hunt for new, interesting books as well as adding more makeup to her collection. Singing and music is something she holds close to her heart. She is also a Psychology student that wants to deliver her honest opinions about anything she thinks of through writing. Follow along on her never-ending journey to discovering the minute joys of life!  See all of Kiana’s articles on Full Access Singapore.