Jalan Kayu

By Kiana Koh

Jalan Kayu is a household name amongst Indian cuisine lovers, and there are quite a few stalls around Singapore now!

The one I always visit is the one at West Coast Plaza. Jalan Kayu is located at level B1, just opposite the New Balance outlet store! The place is pretty clean, but do note that if you do decide to eat in, you will leave the store with a greasy smell. However, the food there is really worth it and delicious!

My usual order is either 1 plain prata and 1 egg prata or the mee goreng!

I went last week with my mum for breakfast and decided to try something new! I ordered plain rice with mutton curry and curry vegetables. If you order briyani rice or plain rice, there will usually be a cracker at the side! It tastes good when you dip it in the curry.

Jalan Kayu Nasi Mutton BriyaniNasi Mutton Briyani

Mutton Curry Jalan KayuPlain rice with mutton curry

The price depends on what you order, and if you choose to add more side dishes.

The nasi briyani rice is different than the plain rice. Normally for nasi briyani they use basmati rice, which is a slender grained rice that originated from the Indian subcontinent. It is supposedly more aromatic than normal plain white rice!

The mutton was tender and chewy, but it is also very easy to swallow. The curry though, was really spicy and gave a nice flavour to the mutton.

Other dishes worth mentioning would be the Mee Goreng as well as Roti Prata! Who can leave an Indian restaurant without eating prata?!

If you are someone who loves Indian cuisine, and can take spicy food, I really highly suggest you try out Jalan Kayu.

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