5 Hotels to Book for Your Next Visit to Singapore

Let’s cut to the chase; Singapore is expensive to live in, as well as to visit. It isn’t wrong to want to spend a little less money, but I think you shouldn’t compromise comfort and safety! So here are a list of hotels that are still pleasing to the eye and good for your bank account!


How to Plan Your Own Tour When Visiting Singapore

Did you know there is a nickname for Singapore? It’s ‘The Little Red Dot’ because compared to the other countries, we are just a tiny island that you probably cannot even find on a world map! However, in this Little Red Dot, we have a lot to offer. Anything you want can be found right here in Singapore.

Food Tour in Taipei

By Janness Koh Taipei, Taiwan is one of the top places where Singaporeans like travel to including myself. I visit Taipei almost annually and have never gotten sick of it. It's so affordable with tons of amazing food and the warm hospitality of its people. What I really like about the Taiwanese is their friendliness … Continue reading Food Tour in Taipei