Harry Potter: Christmas in the Wizarding World in Bangkok

By Janness Koh Potterheads rejoice! Get closer to Harry Potter and breathe in the scene you are ever so familiar with as a whole new Harry Potter themed retail experience is happening right now at Siam Paragon in Bangkok. This is really exciting as it is the first international debut after Utah, USA and will … Continue reading Harry Potter: Christmas in the Wizarding World in Bangkok


Hakka Abacus Recipe

By Jannesse Koh Hakka food isn’t exactly that common in Singapore as it's one of the minor dialect groups here. However, I love Hakka’s abacus seed, a traditional dish made with yam that is usually served during festivals as it signifies wealth (abacus is Chinese version of calculator). My mum used to make them and … Continue reading Hakka Abacus Recipe

A Different Side of Bangkok

By Janness Koh While many people are familiar with places in Bangkok like Siam Square, Pratunam, Chuatuchak etc, not many have gone to other areas of Bangkok which is surprisingly just as good if not better in terms of food and shopping. I myself am guilty of having visited Bangkok twice and only staying within … Continue reading A Different Side of Bangkok


AVATAR: Discover Pandora Bangkok

By Janness Koh I was real lucky to be a part of this project and see an exhibition comes to live before my eyes. I wasn’t a fan of Avatar and I’m still not but truly enjoyed what this exhibition has to offer. Knowing how much Singaporeans love traveling to Bangkok, Thailand, I think I … Continue reading AVATAR: Discover Pandora Bangkok


Chicken Hotpot at NEX Outlet

By Janness Koh Chicken Hotpot is another one of my favourites and is constantly on top of my cravings list. The concept here works much like a traditional hotpot where you can add different ingredients into the pot but the difference is it comes in gravy and not the usual soup base. You can choose … Continue reading Chicken Hotpot at NEX Outlet