Bangkok Jam’s Food

By Kiana Koh

I have always passed by the restaurant but never tried it, until my aunt made a reservation there for dinner!

Bangkok Jam serves authentic Thai cuisine at affordable prices, and I guess that is what draws a lot of people to dine there!

The whole restaurant looks and feels comfortable, and it is the sort of place you would go to, to relax, unwind and have good food on a Friday evening!Bangkok Jam Signature Cocktails

We placed our order fairly quick because we knew what we wanted!

For drinks, we ordered a Prunus Quencher (sour plum topped with fizzy soda) which is the drink with the leaf inside, a Thai Milk Tea (orange-brown coloured beverage), a Lemongrass Tea, a Thai Green Milk Tea, and a fresh coconut juice.Frozen Drinks at Bangkok Jam

All the drinks were nice but the one all of us did not like was the Prunus Quencher. It tasted weird!

The first few dishes to come was the Mango Salad, Thai Fishcake and Thai style fried chicken wings.Mango Salad and Thai Fishcakes

The fried chicken wings tasted really good and was actually quite different from other fried chicken outside! The good thing about this dish is that the chicken is cut into smaller pieces so that it is easier to eat.

Our next dish was this fried squid with sauce, I feel that the sauce here stands out more than the squid itself! The sauce was light and slightly sour.

The next dishes were the Tomyum soup, which all of us were looking forward to trying! We ordered three different types of Tomyum soup, the white one is the coconut Tomyum which sounded really unique! The red one is the normal Tomyum and lastly, the clear Tomyum soup.Tom Yum Soup

The soups were all tasty, but the coconut one was very flavourful and strong! It was spicy and you could actually taste the coconut which was weird for me.

If you prefer something light, you could give the clear Tomyum soup a go!

This is the Grilled Pork Spare Ribs, and it came with a spicy lime dip! The pork rib was very tender despite its appearance. It was cooked well and did not have the weird taste that some ribs have.

This was one of my favourite dish! This is the Grilled Australian Wagyu Beef salad and we were quite astonished to find that on the menu because we thought they only served Thai food! The beef was sliced into small pieces for us to enjoy, it was very convenient and the outer part of the beef was cooked till crisp, but not burnt. The beef also soaked up the sauces well, a mixture of slight saltiness and sourness.Grilled Australian Wagyu Beef Salad

We had the pineapple fried rice and olive fried rice next, and the pineapple fried rice was savoury and sweet, which is weird and oddly tasty! The olive fried rice was a bit blander.Fried Rice

Our last dish is the Pad Thai, which was enjoyed by my mum and aunties and most definitely not me!Pad Thai

Bangkok Jam is somewhere I would patronise again, the food there is delicious and the service was great. Do give their food there a try and let me know what you think!

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