The Good Trio Restaurant 

By Kiana Koh

Every Thursday, my mum, aunties, grandma and I make it a habit to go out, have lunch or dinner together and catch up with one another. We do so because we stay in different areas and are relatively busy with our own work and lives.

Just last week, we visited a Chinese restaurant called The Good Trio. My grandma absolutely loves Chinese cuisine and she was craving it, so we made a reservation for Thursday morning.

Upon reaching, the place looked very open and inviting, maybe because the area is big and the lights were warm and bright. The staff there were very friendly and inviting as well!

We sat down at our table and proceeded to order our food.

For drinks, we decided to stick to something traditional, the Chinese tea!

I forgot the name of this dish but it is something like a flat Chinese pancake with pork floss on top!Chinese Pancake

This is fried pig’s innards but it is just not something I would eat.Fried Pig Innards

This however, is my favourite dish. I love seafood and the chilli clam dish was sweet and savoury, and the clams were very fresh, which made the dish taste way better.Clams in Chili Sauce

This is their salted egg yolk chicken and I was a little disappointed by it. I expected it to be crispier on the outside but it was not, and the chicken was not that cooked inside!Salted Egg Yolk Chicken

The pork belly with cucumber is something worth ordering, when you eat it together, it has a fresh taste to it.Pork Belly with Cucumber

There was not anything special about the roasted chicken they had, just that the meat was tender but that was mainly it.Roasted Chicken

This noodle dish is what I would eat almost at any time of the day. Offer it to me and I will not say no! The noodles were soft and chewy, the soup was very light and bland, but in a tasty type of blandness. This dish had to be eaten quickly because if left for too long, the noodle will absorb the soup and become ‘fat’.Noodle Dish

All three desserts were a miss for me, they tasted weird and foreign despite looking good.

To be completely honest, I was disappointed with this restaurant as I expected more from them. The food does look good, but was lacking taste-wise. I would suggest another restaurant for great authentic Chinese cuisine.

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