Quest for the Layered Lapis

By Mildred Jones One of the most popular cakes to be eaten here is the Layered Lapis. It is believed that the cake is a Dutch- Indonesian version of the European multi layered ‘Spit Cake’. It is firm in texture and consists of a various blend of cardamom, cinnamon, clove, mace and star anise. The … Continue reading Quest for the Layered Lapis


Awfully Chocolate: Worth it?

By Kiana Koh Awfully Chocolate has been around since 1998 (yes, it has been that long), and just last week, I walked past an outlet and could not help but overhear a young lady who walked out of the shop with her mum insisting that the cakes were expensive. Personally, I have never tried anything … Continue reading Awfully Chocolate: Worth it?

J.CO Donuts in Johor Bahru

By Mildred Jones If you wish to meet ‘D’Caprio’, I suggest you meet it decked in avocado; one of the most mouth filling cream doughnuts on the J.CO doughnuts menu. But if you think you are lucky, you will be teased to find out, they switch the cream filled doughnuts to the lucky flavours of … Continue reading J.CO Donuts in Johor Bahru

Cheng Teng Dessert Recipe

The weather has been ridiculously hot recently and it made me crave Cheng Teng so I decided to cook it. Cheng Teng is one of my favourite local dessert and is great to have during hot weather or any day really to combat body heat. It's not difficult to cook but has a lot of steps that can be tedious. On occasions when I’m too lazy to cook it and bought from stores, I’m often disappointed because of how much fragrance essence is used, urgh!