Mookata at West coast 

Do you enjoy hot pot? What about barbecues? If you love both, you'd love Mookata.


Taiwan Hotpot at West Coast Plaza

Many shops in West Coast Plaza have been opening and one of those is the Taiwan Hotpot. The Taiwan Hotpot has been enjoying brisk business lately, with the waiting time as long as 45 minutes for a 6 person table.

Chicken Hotpot at NEX Outlet

By Janness Koh Chicken Hotpot is another one of my favourites and is constantly on top of my cravings list. The concept here works much like a traditional hotpot where you can add different ingredients into the pot but the difference is it comes in gravy and not the usual soup base. You can choose … Continue reading Chicken Hotpot at NEX Outlet

2 Hotpot Restaurants You Should Visit In Singapore

By Janness Koh Ever since my friends and I first tried out Guo Fu Hotpot about 2 years back, it has been our go to place for hotpot. I think business is doing pretty well because they have opened another restaurant right across the street called Xu Ting but serves exactly the same things. What … Continue reading 2 Hotpot Restaurants You Should Visit In Singapore