Taiwan Hotpot at West Coast Plaza

By Kiana Koh

Many shops in West Coast Plaza have been opening and one of those is the Taiwan Hotpot.

The Taiwan Hotpot has been enjoying brisk business lately, with the waiting time as long as 45 minutes for a 6 person table.Tables at Hotpot Restaurant

My family had queued once back in April, but eventually decided to eat someplace else because the wait was just too long! This time round, I went with my mum, uncle, aunty and my cousin.

We waited for about 30 minutes before we were seated.

The place is pretty bright and not as spacious as it looks from the outside. We were seated inside and it was quite packed and when we moved around we had to be careful to avoid bumping into other people.Taiwan Hotpot in Singapore
As with other hotpot restaurants, there is a little section for you to get sauces for your food and to get your drinks as well!

There is a buzzer at the side of the table where we can press it, and tell our order to the staff that comes over.

We ordered beef, and pork belly and other vegetables and ingredients to cook in our hotpot, and we could choose 3 soup bases as well. We chose collagen soup, chicken soup and the spicy soup (mala xiang).

The chicken collagen soup was something all of us liked, but the spicy soup was alright. The soup was super spicy, in the tongue numbing way which I did not appreciate. I just hope that they will add more different types of spicy soup base!Collagen Soup Base for Hotpot

All in all, the food is pretty good, the meat and vegetables are all fresh, and right now they are having discounts so do try out their food while you can get it at a lower price.

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