Foolproof and Matte Makeup Products for Summer

Even though Singapore is basically summer all year round, the temperature is definitely higher as we creep into the actual summer months. And everytime I step out into the sun, I can't stop sweating. This girl here has an oily T-Zone and lids so makeup always seems to be eaten away by midday and I look a shiny mess. I have a few personal favourites when it comes to products I use if I need them to stay longer outside and not smudge on me.


Beauty Brands to Get in Asia

By Janness Koh The realm of beauty is never-ending to me with so many new brands and products launching all the time in different parts of the world, so that keeps me busy trying to catch up but also makes my wallet really depressed. In previous articles we mentioned about beauty brands and products to … Continue reading Beauty Brands to Get in Asia

Online Beauty Retailers You Need To Know

By Janness Koh Like a certain brand of cosmetic but can’t get your hands on it in Singapore? Amazon is probably the place everybody turns to for absolutely anything, however some of the brands you want on their site don't ship ship here. In that case, be sure to check out these sites that do … Continue reading Online Beauty Retailers You Need To Know

Makeup Brands Not Available In SG

By Janness Koh I am a major makeup junkie and am always up to date with brands and products out in the market even the ones that aren’t sold in Singapore. It always gets me excited whenever I see more brands I love finally hitting our small island but there’s still so much more brands … Continue reading Makeup Brands Not Available In SG

Red and Pink Lipsticks to Try this CNY!

By Janness Koh Chinese New Year is this week and as most people know, red is considered the most auspicious colour among Chinese and you got to have red in your outfit or anything and everything red during this period. Many young people like myself don’t really like to wear red or at least not … Continue reading Red and Pink Lipsticks to Try this CNY!