DIY Japanese Udon

By Kiana Koh

One of my New Year’s Resolution is to try new things. I had never tried udon before, even though I have tried all other sorts of Japanese food like ramen, soba et cetera. I just didn’t fancy the idea of trying udon because somewhere in my head, I always thought it looked weird (I know, I’m the weird one). I was at Raffles with Travis on the 31st of December 2016, and we walked past this Japanese udon food place called Idaten Udon. Since it was almost the start of a new year, I decided to try it out. So I took a look at their menu and I was pleasantly surprised. You were actually able to customise your own udon! I thought that was an excellent idea as I was quite a picky eater, so being able to decide what I wanted made things way easier. So we went in and we customised our very own udon!

Travis tried out the seaweed udon with soup and pork, while I tried out their original udon noodles with soup and beef! After collecting our udons, we moved forward and discovered that we could choose side dishes if we wanted and I chose potato croquettes, while Travis chose gyozas and potato croquettes. We also grabbed 2 can drinks before paying.image-1

The udon was so delicious and I was so glad I decided to try something new that day! It had a very unique taste that I couldn’t forget even if I wanted to. The soup was not too salty, and complemented the noodles so wonderfully! It was truly a match made in food heaven. The beef was thinly sliced, and there was actually a lot of it as well. It was marinated (I think) before being cooked, and it had the right amount of flavour.

I tried Travis’s udon and I wasn’t really a fan of the seaweed udon, but he really liked it! I also tried a bit of his pork belly and oh my, I loved it so much!! Just like the beef, it was thinly sliced and there was a lot of it.     image

Yes, we highly recommend this place! With its creative idea of personalizing your own udon, I just hope that people who don’t like udon, will give it a second chance! Hopefully after eating at Idaten Udon, you will have a newfound appreciation for this Japanese delight.

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