Kuishin Bo: Japanese Buffet Review

By Janness Koh Japanese food is probably one of Singaporeans’ favourite cuisine, or rather one of the world’s favourite. Japanese style buffet has been getting increasingly popular in Singapore over the last couple of years. Today, I tried out Kuishin Bo at Suntec City branch for the first time even though they have been around … Continue reading Kuishin Bo: Japanese Buffet Review


Okonomiyaki: The Japanese Pancake Recipe

By Janness Koh I’m a huge fan of Japanese food and one of my favourites other than tako yaki, will be okonomiyaki, the Savoury japanese pancake! So one day, as I was browsing in Daiso, a Japan goods store where you can find anything you can think of at SGD $2 and I saw a … Continue reading Okonomiyaki: The Japanese Pancake Recipe