By Kiana Koh

About one and a half weeks after trying the DIY Japanese Udon, I kept thinking of it and as I was at Mcdonald’s at Hougang Mall eating, I looked across and saw a small shop called Umisushi. I had never eaten there before but I walked over to take a look at the menu and it felt like I was being pulled in by mysterious forces to the shop. I was so tempted to go in but I was quite full from Mcdonald’s, so I decided to go there the next week to try out the food.

Next week came, and I was so excited to try out the food at Umisushi! I dragged Travis there to try it out with me since he hadn’t been before either. We ordered a set meal, which consisted of a bowl of ramen, a side dish, and iced lemon tea. We both got the chashu ramen (I think that’s what it’s called) and Travis chose chicken wings for the side dish, while I picked gyoza.

When we collected the food, I was kind of disappointed to find 2 small pieces of gyozas. But then again, there were a lot of ramen noodles, and the chashu (pork) were big slices.

Mayonnaise was drizzled over the gyozas, which I really appreciate because I think that everything tastes better with mayonnaise haha.

Travis’s chicken wings were small as well, but the ramen made up for it.

Overall, to be honest, I kind of got my hopes up high but I was left a bit disappointed with the taste of the noodles and soup. I felt that the soup could be a little bit creamier because the consistency was thin and runny almost like water. The thing I enjoyed most was the chashu slices and gyoza! Both were done just right and I loved both!

I guess the next time I eat here, I will order something else as I believe that there are better ramen out there.

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