Chanel’s Coco Game Center

By Janness Koh

Chanel is back at it again after having a pop up cafe last year, this time its a game center with old school arcade games. Is it worth the hype? Lets see…

They will give you a welcome pack before you enter which contains 2 game tokens and a voucher for free drink.

Once you enter, you will be greeted by a claw machine to your left and in front of you two rows of arcade games that is perfect for photo taking right in the middle of the two rows that almost make it look like a neon futuristic walkway.Chanel Game Center Singapore

As you enter further there are some fake daytona kind of game seats but only as a seat, can’t actually play the game, more claw machines, resting area, a cashier counter and drinks counter. All around you will see displays of their new beauty products and perfumes to test and try. You can also have one of their makeup artist give you a free makeover with the products.

I caught nothing from the claw machine, not as easy as it seems. There’s 4 machines in total and only 3-4 types of items in each, sample sizes of either a serum, eye gel, some cleansing water or essence I think and different designs of pin. I didn’t even see any of the sample lip products I’ve been seeing from media’s preview photos. Bummer!
Actually glad that I kept one of the tokens as souvenir, at least it is exclusive to this pop up event, LOL!

Honestly in my opinion the whole event was underwhelming. Smaller than expected and other than lots of photo opportunities for selfies maniac, I really didn’t think its anything to be hyped about. You can spend probably 5 minutes in there, finish everything and be out if you were not taking photos.

I went at the 11am slot, which is the 1st slot and was easier to walk around as it wasn’t as crowded, best time to take photos.

Aim for the sample size products for the claw machine because they give you the pin as souvenir when you exit anyway. Also a sure win will be playing the games because they give you a pack of lipstick sample.

The pop up is until 6 May only. I recommend booking a time slot because knowing the power of Chanel, you might have to wait crazy long if you walk in.



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