AVATAR: Discover Pandora Bangkok

By Janness Koh

I was real lucky to be a part of this project and see an exhibition comes to live before my eyes. I wasn’t a fan of Avatar and I’m still not but truly enjoyed what this exhibition has to offer. Knowing how much Singaporeans love traveling to Bangkok, Thailand, I think I should recommend this exhibition so you can check it out if you happen to visit Bangkok and gives you more options for other activities other than food and shopping

What sets this apart from other movies related exhibitions is how interactive it is and also educational rather than just fun. It actually teaches you about the earth, animals, plants, etc. There are also some props that were used in the actual movie itself and I love all the beautiful luminescent lights and colours.

This exhibition is great for both adults and children and children will appreciate the fun learning experience. It has so much sensory elements in this exhibition where you will be able to not only see, but touch, smell, and feel.

For more information, visit the official Avatar Discover Pandora webpage or AVATAR: Discover Pandora Bangkok Facebook page.

Peek at a few of my favourites out of this exhibition:

Touch screen where the plant closes up when you touch it, reminds me of the mimosa plant which is also sensitive to touch.Avatar experience BangkokLife size models of Na’Vi. See up close how big and tall the Na’Vi are and also compare the size of your hands and feet with that of the female, male, and young Na’Vi.

Do you know Na’Vi only has four fingers?Na_Vi Avatar in Bangkok

Slide the monitor across and it lets you view the muscles, vessels, and organ of the Viperwolf.

Do you know the creatures in Avatar has 4 eyes and are 6 legged?Avatar Pandora Experience in Thailand

Definitely one of the most popular attraction is Avatarized yourself to see how you would look as a Na’Vi. So cool!Making an Avatar

Avatar in Thailand

Plant that changes colour when you place your palms against the sensor pad. This is one of the prettiest section of the exhibition where you are flooded with beautiful lights of purples and pinks. Walk across a mat where it lights up with every step just like in the movie! Everything in here has that glow in the dark feel.Pandora from Avatar

The Woodsprites interactive has got to be the cutest in this exhibition as they float around you and  disperse away when you sweep at it.

Tree of souls is yet another mesmerising installation that you can stare at and is a popular one for all the photos taking and selfies. It also seems to look a different colour from different angles?

There are a lot more other activities to do in this exhibition like the staffs will teach you to say some Na’Vi language, play a short video game in the point of view of a RDA soldier, touch and smell some of the creatures and plants of Avatar, and etc.

Calling all Avatar fans to check out this exhibition, I think you will really love it even for non Avatar fans. You don’t need to know the movie in order to enjoy this exhibition.


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