Bangkok Jam’s Food

By Kiana Koh I have always passed by the restaurant but never tried it, until my aunt made a reservation there for dinner! Bangkok Jam serves authentic Thai cuisine at affordable prices, and I guess that is what draws a lot of people to dine there! The whole restaurant looks and feels comfortable, and it is the sort of place you would go to, to … Continue reading Bangkok Jam’s Food

Quest for the Layered Lapis

By Mildred Jones One of the most popular cakes to be eaten here is the Layered Lapis. It is believed that the cake is a Dutch- Indonesian version of the European multi layered ‘Spit Cake’. It is firm in texture and consists of a various blend of cardamom, cinnamon, clove, mace and star anise. The Dutch have renamed the cake *‘Spekkoek’, which translates to ‘Spice … Continue reading Quest for the Layered Lapis