Awfully Chocolate: Worth it?

By Kiana Koh

Awfully Chocolate has been around since 1998 (yes, it has been that long), and just last week, I walked past an outlet and could not help but overhear a young lady who walked out of the shop with her mum insisting that the cakes were expensive.

Personally, I have never tried anything from Awfully Chocolate because I am not a fan of overly sweet desserts. Just a few days later, I met Travis and he said that he felt like having some cake and I decided to bring him to Awfully Chocolate to try their cakes! Awfully ChocolateWe visited the outlet at Vivo City, and from the outside, it does not really resemble a dessert shop! The cakes were displayed in a way that felt as if I were looking at jewellery instead! We walked in and I was quite pleasantly surprised by the interior. It has a very minimalistic and rustic feel to the entire place and I absolutely love it!

Travis ordered a chocolate mille crepe and a salted caramel shake, I got a white chocolate shake. I do not remember the name of the drinks and I just cannot seem to find the correct menu online! There are so many that popped up when I googled it!Chocolate Mille Crepe at Awfully ChocolateThe cake was good, but after just 2 bites I really could not take it! It was too sweet for me and I had to have some water to wash down the taste. Travis seemed to enjoy it though! The salted caramel shake was alright, nothing too special about it, and the white chocolate shake tasted a little like cookies and cream, which is a flavour I appreciate! Milkshake at Awfully ChocolateThe cake was SGD 9, and both shakes were at SGD 9.90 each. I find that pretty steep for such small servings.

I think that people with a sweet tooth would thoroughly enjoy Awfully Chocolate!

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