Artbox Singapore: Hit or miss?

By Kiana Koh
Artbox is a pop-up market that originates from Bangkok, and it is now open in Singapore from the 14-16 of April, and the 21-23 of April. Artbox is well known for their never ending pop-up stores and their food, clothes, beauty products. You say it, they sell it! Prices are super low and there is something for everyone! Doesn’t that just sound like heaven?

The estimated number of people said to be attending Artbox is around 400,000. With the event being so popular and with so many people attending, will it be a hit, or a miss event?Crowds at Artbox

I went down to Artbox on the 14th of April, which was the very first day it opened. The crowd there was insane! Just think of a place you know that is usually super crowded, and multiply it 10 times. That is how it felt like in there! The moment Travis and I started walking in, we just knew we regretted our decision. We could not stop walking once we got in because there were just too many people and we had to keep going because there just really was not enough space for us to properly stop. If we stopped, the people behind us could not walk further. That is how crowded it was.Artbox Singapore

Sadly, we did not manage to try out their food, or buy anything there even though we heard good things. So here are some shots that I pathetically managed to snap in that moment.Singapore Artbox

To be completely honest, I think that you should just give Artbox a miss because there are just too many people! Seriously, look at the photos. Secondly, the prices are not as cheap as in Bangkok. In fact, it’s almost twice or thrice the amount in Singapore! I understand that many flew over to Singapore using their own money to open up a temporary stall but really, SGD 12 for a drink? That is almost extortion! Thirdly, before I get bashed for being mean or inconsiderate, many of the food, drinks and snacks can be found in Singapore, and are way cheaper. So really? This event is a total miss for me. It is almost close to impossible to enjoy your trip there with all the stalls clustered together and only a few poles and a PVC makeshift roof to separate them.

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