West Bowl Bowling: Fun Night Out With Friends

By Kiana Koh

Westies unite! Did you know that there is a small entertainment centre beside the Clementi Stadium?

There is a pool billiard saloon and a bowling alley there. The prices there are lower than what you normally pay for, and you can choose to walk over to Clementi or West Coast afterwards for some good food!

West Bowl Bowling is on the second floor and it is open from 10 AM to 1 AM (Monday to Thursday) 9 AM to 3 AM (Friday and Saturday) and 9 AM to 1 AM (Sunday), so it is a perfect choice for spontaneous late night bowling!

The place is quite basic yet spacious, with 28 lanes!

You can choose the bowling balls at the back on top of the lockers.Bowling at Westbowl in Singapore

At each lane, there is this little machine that keeps track of your scores, and you can choose to put your nickname or your initials!

I have listed the prices down below in the table and the prices are for 1 game. The shoes rental cost $1.10 per pair and try to wear or bring your own pair of socks so you do not have to pay an extra $2 to buy a pair!Bowling Balls at Westball

Currently, Westbowl is having a prepaid promotion, where you pay a fixed amount for 3 games including the rental of shoes! That makes it even more worth a visit! However, this prepaid promotion is not applicable during the eve of public holidays and public holidays. When renting the bowling shoes, you have to exchange one side of your shoes. Westbowl in Singapore

Westbowl bowling is definitely high on my list when there is nothing much to do and you are out with your friends! I would for sure recommend it to other people.

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