J.CO Donuts in Johor Bahru

By Mildred Jones

If you wish to meet ‘D’Caprio’, I suggest you meet it decked in avocado; one of the most mouth filling cream doughnuts on the J.CO doughnuts menu. But if you think you are lucky, you will be teased to find out, they switch the cream filled doughnuts to the lucky flavours of the week. The ‘Tiramisu’ with white chocolate is not to be missed and you will be pulled to trying the other flavours like, ‘The Green Tease’.J.Pops Baby Donuts

The subtle tea taste (in the Green Tease) is light on the doughnut in contrast to the cream, a sticky gooey mess with which it is nearly impossible to keep your social mannerisms about. It goes all over the fingers, the lips, the chin and you are likely to come off looking like an overgrown child, sitting next to ‘Al Capone’ (yet another delicious treat) covered with flaky nuts minus the cream. You could run away with the Donna Italiano (mind the spelling), the Coppa Banana and Berry More, the mouth-watering doughnut with blueberry jam or Berry Spears with juicy strawberry respectively.  More delight could very well rest on the ‘Funnila  Glaze’ with Caramella thereby accompanied with ‘The Cheese Me Up’. So what if you are left to spot the ‘Black Jack’? Don’t panic……there are over thirty flavours offered.

If you are getting all dry in the mouth just conjuring these images, the thirst quenchers are ‘Iced Cappuncino’, ‘Iced Chocolate’ and just good plain coffee to knock back the senses.

Playing it cool are the newly introduced yogurt flavours with the freshest of fruit: Strawberries, Kiwi, Mangoes and Grapes, delicious concentrated goodness, all pieced together in a voluptuous twist.

This is all to your heart’s desire and I suggest you join the ‘sticky’ party at J.CO Doughnuts in City Mall, Johore Bahru. If you’re bewildered by seeing boxes of doughnuts being ordered out of this small shop at ground level, you will be thrilled to know that every doughnut is priced at RM3 dollars! I cannot find a better way of spreading ‘The Happy Easter’ message, can you?JCO Donuts

For those who need to attend Mass for a spiritual fill, please proceed to The Immaculate Heart of Conception, which is a stone throw away, Mass Times Monday-Friday 6pm (E) Saturday 5.15pm (Novena) 6pm (E) Sunday 7am (E) 8.30am (BM) 10.30am (M) 6pm (T). The denotations refer to English, Behasa Melayu, Mandarin and Tamil language held Masses. This historical abode was built in 1927 by the late Reverend FR,C Saleilles, located at Jalan Geraja. In residence are, Father Benedict Yee and Father Ignatius Huan.


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