Little Toy Museum

By Kiana Koh

The Little Toy Museum is a quaint two-story shop-house that is tucked away in 42 Bussorah Street. As the name suggests, it’s a museum consisting of old toys from the past! When you first come across the shop, there is a gigantic robot by the entrance that arouses passers-by curiosity. At least that is how Travis and I got lured in!

Just beside the robot, to the left, is a familiar ‘mama shop’. A ‘mama shop’ is a convenience store that is located under our high-rise apartments, commonly known as HDB (Housing Development Board) flats. The ‘mama shop’ holds a wide array of old toys that kids in Singapore used to play with in the past.

As we walked in, we saw many vintage items like old jewellery and gramophones! Some of these items are for sale, but you do have to check with the shop owner first, as some are just for display purposes.

Toys in SinagporeCosmic Robot in Singapore

As we walked further in, to the right was the entrance to the toy museum, and you actually have to purchase tickets should you wish to go up to the second floor to explore. Tickets are priced at SGD 2 per person.Children Little Museum Singapore

As we opened the door, we were greeted by a flight of stairs, as well as toys in shelves on the wall. After we reached the top, the whole room was filled and honestly, I did not know where to start looking! There are just that many toys!

I got to admit, the dolls were a bit creepy!

Toys ranging from Barbie dolls, to old toy cars and tin toys, to old textbooks yellowed from age!

Surprisingly, there are also interactive exhibits that were painstakingly hand made by the owners, which must have taken a lot of time and effort. Just look at the front doors of this public school!

There is also this little wooden stall that allows you to ‘serve’ drinks to your friends and also a barber’s shop!

Overall, the little toy museum really brings back a lot of memories for Travis and me and definitely even more so for the older generation. It felt like a blast from the past and I would recommend it to anyone who loves toys. It is a new and refreshing way of passing the time! It is like you are returning to the past, to pass your time!

Address: 42 Bussorah St, Singapore 199460

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