Griddy at Westgate

By Kiana Koh

Those who loves a good plate of spaghetti, put your hands up! Griddy serves both sweet, and savoury dishes and I MUST say, they are very creative and daring with their creations, which I ABSOLUTELY love.

Griddy’s menu is separated into 3 sections; pastas, savoury waffles, plates snacks & drinks, and lastly, dessert waffles.

Travis ordered the spaghetti with grilled chicken and salted egg yolk sauce, and I got the aglio olio pasta with beef patty, cheddar cheese and sautéed mushrooms.

Pasta at GriddySpaghetti with grilled chicken and salted egg yolk sauce, SGD 9.90

Spaghetti at Griddy in SingaporeAglio olio pasta with beef patty, cheddar cheese and sautéed mushrooms, SGD 9.90

You probably noticed that the picture I took of Travis’s pasta looks different than the one in the menu and that is because they accidentally mixed our order up. Besides that, the service was slow but it was because it was a peak period and there were a lot of people.

We topped up a few dollars each to get the meal, which comes with the soup of the day.

Soup of the Day at GriddyIt may look tiny but actually there were quite a lot of ingredients like corn and chicken.

The pastas were good and scrumptious and worth the money you fork out. Travis adored the chicken that was doused in the salted egg yolk sauce. My favourite was the beef patty! But I just wished the cheese had been a bit more melted. There are other pastas worth mentioning, like the tom yam pasta with pan-seared salmon and the spaghetti with battered chicken and laksa sauce. Both were super creative and it tasted really good as well! I think they are commendable for the effort they put in the menu as well as creating such wonderful dishes.

Iced apple berry and a blue lemonade at GriddyWe also ordered an iced apple berry and a blue lemonade. Both drinks were refreshing and cooling!

There are 2 Griddy outlets in Singapore: 1 in Tampines Hub, and 1 in Westgate

Price point wise, I do think that you are paying for a good and hearty meal here, so do give it a go, especially pasta lovers!

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