By Kiana Koh

Are you looking for a place to chill during your weekends? Feel like listening to some live music with good food?

Look no further, because Timbre+ has all that you are looking for!Timbre+ Gastropark in Singapore

Timbre+ is a gastropark, where there are a diversity of top notch foods at reasonable prices. And while you feast, there will be live bands there to play. You can even request songs!

Some of the well-known food stalls are Teppei Daidokoro, which serves up authentic and delicious Japanese cuisine, Two Wings, for their salted egg chicken wings and the Dancing Crab Shack, the Cajun fries and lobs are to die for.

Every day, there will be different bands, and all of them are equally amazing in their own way.

We did not plan to go there, so we arrived with quite a full stomach, so we decided to just chill for a bit.Jarritos at Timbre + in Singapore

Eventually I felt like having something light, so I ordered some tacos! A beef bulgogi taco, and a spicy chicken taco for Travis. The store that sold the tacos was quite unique as they blended different cuisines to make a dish. The beef used was Korean beef, and it tasted surprisingly good!Tacos at Timbre in Singapore

We also had some ice cream and drinks afterwards!Ice Cream at Timbre+ in Singapore

Timbre+ is a really creative idea, combining good, affordable food together with live music. It is a great place to go to for after work drinks, or to just relax on a weekend!

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