4 Tips To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck in Singapore

By Kianna Koh

Try to take the public transport!

We have busses and the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) and it’s actually very convenient! The only downside is the crowds during peak hours. For the MRT, there are 5 lines:

  • East-West line (commonly known as the green line)
  • North-South line (red line)
  • North-East line (purple line)
  • Circle line (yellow line)
  • Downtown line (blue line)

If you have any issues, I’m sure the friendly staff or commuters will help you! There is also an app called CityMapper to help you figure out which bus or train to take to get to your destination! It will also list the time taken for each different route, so you can choose and get to your destination on time. CityMapper is not only available in Singapore, but also in New York, Paris, Madrid and more! Taking the MRT and bus is a cheaper alternative to taking a taxi which can rack up quite a bill if there are traffic jams. So do consider taking public transports! With the money saved, you can treat yourself even more in our little sunny island!

Plan Ahead

Get your plan together for where you want to go in advance, or if you are more of the go-with-the-flow kind of person, then at least take notes of where you want to visit in Singapore. Why? So you know where the place is, and it saves you time and hassle! By doing so, you will be able to plan out your itinerary and routes better! It is way easier to travel from Clarke Quay to Dhoby Ghaut to Little India rather than Dhoby Ghaut to Little India to Clarke Quay. If you don’t know what I mean, just take a look at the MRT map! You are able to save a bit on transport fares.

Try Our Local Cuisine in our Hawker Centres

If you’re afraid of the heat, not to worry! Hawker Centres like Foodfare are advanced nowadays with air conditioning. Prices at the Hawker Centres are low and the food is very pleasing.  Do visit a hawker centre and try out something different. Who knows? You may find something that your taste buds will thank you for!

Download the app Eatigo

Eatigo is an app that allows you to reserve seats at restaurants that participates in this app. You can also select a time where they will have more discounts than other times. Do take note you can only reserve seats for a maximum of 6 people! You will receive an email confirmation afterwards. All that is left is to show up at the venue 10-15 minutes earlier and just show the staff the confirmation notification in the app! How simple is that?!

Here are some of the tips that foreign visitors should try because they will save you more money and allow you to explore Singapore more at the same time. I hope that many of you will find these tips useful the next time you visit Singapore.

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