PLONK at Serangoon Gardens

By Kiana Koh

Serangoon Gardens is home to some of the popular eateries, restaurants and cafes, like Chomp Chomp and Oblong.
PLONK is a bar located in Serangoon Gardens and it is a perfect place for friends and family to get together. The ambiance there is also good for a romantic date night out with your spouse!

The menu is inspired by food traditions of the Mediterranean together with an Australian vibe.  The prices of the food as compared to other bars, are considerably more affordable, depending on what you order.plonk-at-serangoon-gardens-menu

Travis ordered the PLONK’S Wagyu Burger that consisted of bacon, caramelized onions, lettuce and tomatoes, with a side serving of shoestring fries and jalapeno salsa. I ordered an Italian Style Spicy Meatballs with Napoli and Aged Parmesan. We also ordered a Mojito and Cosmopolitan.

While we were waiting for our food, we were served iced water. Shortly after, our drinks were served. The food needed a bit more time to prepare but overall the service at PLONK is quick and pleasant.

Food-wise, the meatballs were surprisingly huge for a small plate and there were 4 of them! You actually needed a fork and a knife to eat them.  The flavour was spot on; very rich and the inside was soft but also slightly chewy.  They were a bit on the spicy side but that was no problem for me; I love spicy food! Definitely worth the money.

Italian Style Spicy Meatballs with Napoli and Aged Parmesan, SGD 12

Travis absolutely loved his Wagyu burger! The serving was huge and when I took a bite it was juicy and just melted perfectly together with the caramelized onions. However, comparing it to Omakase Burger (which also serves up a mean burger) I felt the burger from PLONK was a bit pricey.

PLONK’s Wagyu Burger, SGD 25

Given that it was my first time eating there, I really enjoyed the ambiance which was cozy and comfortable. The food was great and I think it’s worth going once to try it out. There was also a variety of food to try and if you are still unsure what you want, I am sure the staff there will guide you! I would love to go back to try out their pizzas, but I don’t see myself ordering the burger, because let’s face it, my heart is still with the Omakase Burger.

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