Ponggol Seafood and Wayne’s Chillout at the Punggol Settlement

By Kiana Koh

The Punggol Settlement is a peaceful, serene place that has both good food and a scenic view. It is located pretty deep inside and I think that it is best if you travel by vehicle rather than foot.

I first went to Ponggol Seafood, which has a long history here in Singapore with Travis and his parents. I generally think this restaurant is better in a group as the servings are pretty big. We ordered a few dishes and the food was great, but there were a couple dishes I felt were quite normal and could have easily been found for a fraction of the price.

First up, we were served some crackers with chilli. It’s similar to an appetiser and something for us to have while waiting for the rest of the dishes. Honestly, there wasn’t really anything special about this dish, but the crackers did taste quite well with the chilli!chips-with-chile-at-ponggol-seafood

The next dish is clams, and since seafood is something I really enjoy, I liked this dish. I don’t exactly know how they made it (I wanted to ask but the staff were too busy sadly), but the taste was a little bit sweet and really complemented the clams. I wished that they would serve more clams though!clams-at-ponggol-seafood

What we had next was roasted chicken, and this is prevalent in Chinese Cuisine. The skin was crispy yet not charred, which I believe is something hard to achieve. The meat was tender and soft and overall if you’re a meat lover, I think you would enjoy this dish. The taste is very fresh if you are trying Chinese Cuisine for the first time!roast-chicken-at-ponggol-seafood

I know this dish looks a little weird, but it is actually seafood. I can’t remember the name but this actually tastes sweet and crispy. It’s especially nice and satisfying to chew it because it is crispy! If you are looking for something new to try, I would suggest this dish!

Mixed Seafood

We also had some steamed fish. It looks like it was fried but that’s just because of the sauce. The sauce is really sweet and savoury and the fish meat inside is super fresh. For those people who avoid eating fish because of the fishy smell and taste, you will not have to worry about that with this dish!steamed-fish-at-ponggol-seafood

The dish that was served last was their Hotpot Fried Rice. That tasted pretty normal, there wasn’t anything that stood out. I would suggest giving this a miss because this Fried Rice dish was expensive! I think it was about SGD 25 if I’m not wrong.

After dinner, you need some dessert to finish up. Our choice of place was Wayne’s Chillout. It is on the second level, and you get to witness the view perfectly if you choose to sit outside! By the time we had dessert, it was already dark, but that makes the mood more serene and romantic as well. But should you choose to sit inside, the decorations are really cosy and cute!

Wayne’s Chillout serves not only ice cream, but milkshakes and other finger food, so do take a look at their menu before ordering! We had a difficult time trying to pick out what we wanted!

Also, there were ice cream flavours there that were unique! So do check them out inside! But for me, I decided to have a favourite of mine, Cookies and Cream! Travis ordered Peanut Butter ice cream and we both decided to share the waffle and ice cream because we were a bit full from the food earlier on!waynes-chillout-ice-cream-and-waffle

It is a pretty place and I would definitely recommend coming here at least once! With your favourite ice cream in hand and a beautiful view, your soul would have felt rejuvenated.

All in all, if you are someone who hasn’t tried Chinese Cuisine, or someone who already likes it, do come in a group to visit Ponggol Seafood! Do remember to finish up with desserts from Wayne’s Chillout. You can also take a stroll afterward near the sea.

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