3 Singaporean Shopping Apps You Have To Try

By Kiana Koh

Almost everything can be done online nowadays; everything from ordering food to buying clothes. All you need is an app, a few swipes and touches and everything is done. But when it comes to apps, things can get a little tricky because you don’t know how reliable they are.  I am going to introduce some apps that make everything much easier for the end user and at very low prices! Yes, even your clothes at low, low prices! After all, who likes having a big hole in their pocket?


First up is an app that I’m sure most Singaporeans, if not all, are familiar! With so many different categories you can expect a lot! The app is named, Carousell. From women’s clothing to tech and gadgets.  This place is your best bet to find those ripped jeans you’ve always wanted or the new iPhone 7 plus.  Just type in whatever you want to find in the search bar on top or sieve through the carefully curated merchandise. Once you find something you like and you want to purchase there will be an option for you to talk to the seller privately. From there, you can discuss with the seller if you prefer your item to be mailed to you or if you want to meetup.carousell


The next app is Ezbuy. For those of you who don’t know, Ezbuy allows users to purchase products overseas before shipping to Singapore. The most famous online shopping app is called Taobao and since they are based in China, the language is in Mandarin.   Ezbuy helps to translate everything into English so that you can find your item easily even if you don’t know Mandarin! Also, you’re able to purchase products from other countries like the US easily via Ezbuy! Another advantage is the prices you’re paying for the products; some are even as low as SGD3!!ezbuy


On to the last app of the list! Blogshop label lovers, put your hands up! This one I’m sure only some Singaporeans would know. The app Refash is actually related to a physical store which sells local blogshop items at way discounted prices! You can search for the items or browse through the different categories!  If you own any blogshop items and they’re in great condition and you’re looking for somewhere to sell, look no further because Refash is the place to go! You can drop off the item that you want to sell and a team will assess its condition before selling it! Isn’t that just convenient?refash

With this three apps as suggestions, I hope that the ladies (and gentlemen) will enjoy their shopping experience more!

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