Kuishin Bo: Japanese Buffet Review

By Janness Koh

kuishin-bo-mixed-seafood-platterJapanese food is probably one of Singaporeans’ favourite cuisine, or rather one of the world’s favourite. Japanese style buffet has been getting increasingly popular in Singapore over the last couple of years. Today, I tried out Kuishin Bo at Suntec City branch for the first time even though they have been around for some time and is pretty popular. Gonna break my review into a few parts.
Food Selection : 5/5
I’ve been to some other Japanese buffet and I have to say Kuishin Bo is by far the best in their variety. They also have seasonal menu every time and on my visit it was Yuki Festival which will last till March. Here’s a list of the different categories they have during my visit, as much as I can remember:

  • Salad section with about 10 different types of choices
  • Cold appetiser with different types of sushi, fish sashimi and seafood like prawns and mussels
  • Tempura counter with items like corn croquette, fried chicken, tako yaki, fried prawns etc.
  • Soup counter offering 3 types of soup and a ginseng congee which is absolutely amazing.
  • Boiled/Steam food section with oden, chawanmushi, cold soba, cold tofu, etc
  • Cook on demand counter which has ramen, kami nabe (paper steamboat), and udon.
  • Grilled counter with yakitori, corn cob, etc.
  • Variety of fruits
  • Pastries counter with mini cakes, pastries, and chocolates.
  • Cookie selection
  • Dessert offers ice cream scoops with 3 different flavours as well as a soft serve machine which I believe changes flavour too. There is also a shaved ice machine with different ingredients and syrups you can add.
  • Wide range of soft drinks, coffee and tea
  • 4 different types of fruits and vegetables infused water with benefits like purifying, cleansing, etc.kuishin-bo-restaurant-in-singapore

My top must try items are the ginseng congee which contains whole stalks of ginseng and it is by far the most flavourful ginseng congee I had. The ramen, especially the ajitsuke tamago (marinated soft boiled egg) that comes with it, so good! If you are visiting before March, do try out the seasonal items with oysters, my favourite is the pasta gratin.kuishin-bo-japanese-food

Service: 4/5
Service is pretty good I have to say given that I went during Chinese New Year period and the restaurant is packed. They were quick in having us seated despite not having a reservation, but we did went and waited before it was open. Also, every time I leave my seat for the next helping, I will without fail return to my seat with the previous plate already cleared which shows they were attentive as that might not be the case with a lot of buffet places. They were also very helpful in settling 2 toddlers we have by arranging baby chairs, putting aside the stroller for us, and offering children’s cutleries. Deducting that one star because for a moment staff were distracted by a huge group celebrating birthday and we need help with lighting the kami nabe but couldn’t get anybody. When we managed to get someone, she didn’t have the lighter that she was supposed to have.

Price: 5/5
For less than SGD 50 per person after GST and service charge, I really think this is worth the money. You can easily spend near or more than this price ala carte at a Japanese restaurant that is of a decent standard. Dinner is however a lot more but I think you can more variety and expensive items like crabs. I will want to try out dinner one day. Really nothing more to comment on price wise and if you are a sashimi killer, you can easily eat your money’s worth. In my honest opinion, comparing this with Kiseki which is also very popular and much cheaper, I actually enjoyed Kuishin Bo more. It has more variety and taste better too, so I’m willing to pay more. kuishin-bo-menu

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