A Taste of Hong Kong at Jurong Point

By Janness Koh

For those of you staying in the West, this might not be new to you. For people like myself who stay in the North or Central region, I rarely visit both the West and East side of Singapore, maybe once every few years. This is one of those rare times when I visit Jurong Point mall in the West and am pleasantly surprised. They have mock up alleys for Hong Kong, Korea, and Malaysia and I went to the Hong Kong section.

Having not visited Hong Kong for at least 12 years now, it really feels like I was walking along the streets of Hong Kong at night with all the neon sign boards. Man, do I miss Hong Kong right now,  maybe another trip soon!Jurong Point Mall Hong Kong in Singapore

It’s not Hong Kong without an iconic Hong Kong cafe that we all know so dearly, it is sure to appear as a scene in any of the Hong Kong dramas. Now for a restaurant review.

Restaurant interior: 5/5

Went to Legendary Hong Kong Restaurant that serves both dim sum and roasted meat. I love the decor of this place! The interior is that of an old classic look of a Hong Kong Cafe with booth seats layout, tiled flooring, and posters on the wall which without doubt reminds you of Hong Kong immediately.

They also have another section in the restaurant where you can find freshly baked breads, pastries and you can see the chef making them live. Chef at Legendary Hong Kong

Menu items: 5/5

They have all the signature Hong Kong dishes from congee, wonton noodles, roasted meat items, dessert, and many more. I think there’s at least 60-70 items on their menu. You will definitely be spoiled for choice!

Food taste: 3.5/5

My family and I tried different noodles, twin roast meat, a couple of dim sum items and a classic drink of yuan yang (coffee+tea).

The yuan yang taste much stronger of coffee than I would like but nonetheless still rather nice. Both my dad and brother said their wonton tasted good and I tried a shrimp dumpling which is not bad and the shrimp doesn’t smell bad like some others can be. My plate of noodles with pork cartilage ribs is quite nice but the ribs had hints of curry and I would have liked it more if it was more of an authentic braised flavouring.

For dim sum items, the black bean chicken feet tasted really good and my dad agreed. The cheong fun is a meh for me as I find the rolls to be bit too soft for my liking and it lacks that bit of Q-ness. We had the roasted duck and char siew which isn’t too bad but I’ve had better ones. The duck is quite fragrant with crispy skin and the char siew is actually quite different, it isn’t too fat and it actually has a crunchy bite to it due to the I’m not sure if it’s the fats, cartilage or veins of the pork. The meat is also served with a bbq sauce and plum sauce which I liked too.Legendary Hong Kong in SingaporeDishes at Legendary Hong Kong

Price: 2.5/5

The price is bit steep in my opinion. Our bill totals to $66 and this is easily much more expensive than many other places serving the same things. Will I visit again? Yes, if I happen to be in the area but I won’t travel on purpose all the way there.Receipt at Legendary Hong Kong

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