Sogurt Yogurt

By Kiana Koh

Nothing feels better than having an ice cream while you are in a cooling shopping mall to beat the heat. Not really a fan of ice cream? How about some creamy, icy yogurt with a huge variety of toppings?

Sogurt has been around since 2010 and they have always been a favourite for those who love yogurt! Sure, there are other yogurt shops here in Singapore, but why is Sogurt popular? Because, Sogurt is actually the first to introduce a novel concept of DIY self serve yogurt and customers are able to create their own unique frozen yogurt (Froyo) and do everything themselves! This way, they are better able to control how much they want a certain flavour!

 I decided to have some green apple yogurt and grape yogurt!

As for the toppings, I had a spoonful of some mixed yogurt bursts, which are the small colored balls that is in the picture, and also a spoon of the jelly! I prefer my yogurt to be simple and not too wacky!Froyo at Sogurt Yogurt

The yogurt here has no fixed cost, as the staff there will weigh your cup of yogurt and charge you accordingly.

The yogurts here are low in fat yet high in calcium which caters to customers who want to indulge in the creamy goodness without worries!

The possibilities are endless with Sogurt so it’s time to beat the heat in sunny Singapore with your customized froyo!

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