MBS Art Science Museum: Part Two

By Kiana Koh

This is a continuation from Part one, so if you have not yet read it yet, please check it out!

Following the Future World: Where Art Meets Science, we headed straight for the ‘NASA – A Human Adventure’ exhibit. Personally, out of the three, this was something that came across as boring to me but if you enjoy scientific research as well as learning more about space this is definitely enlightening!Space Exporation at the Art Science Museum in Singapore

This exhibition is a journey through mankind’s exploration of space. Also, you get to witness the remarkable progression of NASA’s achievements. This exhibition is the most comprehensive touring space flight exhibition IN THE WORLD. Everything there on display is original, and if not, are high fidelity replicas and scale models. The whole exhibition starts off with a gallery called the Dreamers where writers, artists, scientists and geniuses had great visions exploring space. The second gallery is called ‘Go Fever’ which featured the fierce competition between the United States and Soviet Union in launching the very first satellite as well as sending the first human to space.

Next came the gallery ‘Pioneers’ which is dedicated to the scientists and engineers who made all of these visions into one of reality. This also shows the evolution of rockets and launchers created by geniuses.

This was all pretty cool considering that some if not most of the artifacts are actually genuine ones flown in from the United States!

All these are actually what the astronauts used when they were in space!

And no, that is not a straight jacket to restrain people, that is actually a bed!Space Bed at Art Science Museum

This exhibition is actually super informative and rich in history! This whole exhibition will only be there until the 19 of March 2017, so do quickly get your tickets!Touring the Art Science Museum

That is all for the NASA – A Human Adventure and please look out for the third and final part where I will be introducing the last exhibition ‘Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonder!’

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