MBS Art Science Museum: Part Three

By Kiana Koh

Welcome back again to the final article where I talk about the trip to MBS Art Science Museum! In part two, I introduced the ‘NASA – A Human Adventure’ and now this article will be on the exhibit ‘Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonder.’

Escher (also known as M.C Escher) is a Dutch graphic artist that created art based on mathematics which is something that is very interesting!Journey to Infinity at Art Science Museum

Travis is actually one head taller than me but this little interactive exhibition allowed us to pose and take pictures that made me look so much bigger!Travis and Kiana at Art Science MuseumM.C Escher Artwork in Singapore at Art Science MuseumM.C Escher Artwork at Art Science MuseumEscher Exhibit at Art Science MuseumJourney to Infinity Art Science Museum in SingaporeArt Science Museum M.C Escher ArtworkArt Science Museum Escher Exhibit

The more you look at it, the more it just confuses you!Escher artwork

This piece is actually super cool and just so fascinating to look at. Just how talented is M.C Escher to churn out so many pieces of artworks that are famous and appreciated?Art Science Museum Journey to Infinity Exhibit

With that, I hope that all three articles are informative and that everyone is able to get an idea of what to expect! Do take note that some exhibitions are not permanent and they tend to change, so look at the website for more information, regarding exhibitions and ticket prices!Famous Dutch Artist M.C Escher work at Art Science Museum

The MBS Art Science Museum is not to be missed if you are someone that loves and appreciates art and sciences.

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