Universal Studios Singapore: S.E.A Aquarium Review

By Kiana Koh

Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is always at the top of the list for visitors in Singapore. It is the largest theme park here and with so many attractions it’s no wonder there are always of both locals and foreign visitors alike. In this article, I zoom in on one of the popular places at USS, the S.E.A Aquarium.

I went to the S.E.A Aquarium with Travis on a Saturday and as expected, it was busy.  Your first stop once you enter will be The Maritime Experiential Museum. You will almost feel like you stepped into a place so rich in diverse maritime culture. The Maritime Experiential Museum is actually the only museum in Singapore where you can fully experience and discover Singapore’s past as a trading port. Visitors are able to interact with the exhibits. The museum has successfully recreated the sights, sounds and scents which will definitely set the locals reminiscing and bringing foreign visitors into Singapore’s past. There is a mini ride and show that allows people to experience the Typhoon called Typhoon Journey but don’t worry, it’s actually more fascinating than scary! The price for that ride is SGD 3 per person. It was quite unlike all the 3D and 4D rides that we’re so familiar with, so do give it a try!

After that ride, we made our way down to a new exhibit. It was the Pokemon experience that so far, only Japan had! But now it has made its way here to Singapore. The tickets for that were priced at SGD 8 per person, and in that new exhibition, you will be able to choose a PokeBall based on their difficulty; easy, medium or difficult and after choosing one Pokeball from one category, you are then handed an observation booklet. The main objective of this exhibition activity is to find out what is the Pokemon inside the Pokeball you chose. There are also 6 stations if I’m not wrong, where you can gather clues about your own Pokemon. However, you are only allowed to use 4 of the stations to try and find what your Pokemon is. And yes, I did try to use the fifth station but I could not! Also, there will be a mascot Pikachu walking around at certain timings in the exhibition so do wait for him! Overall, this exhibition was pretty cool, but I guess it is more for kids than adults.

Isn’t Pikachu just adorable?!image

Okay, moving on to the main attraction, the S.E.A Aquarium.

The main entrance was already filled with people (it was on a weekend), but the minute you walk in, you just feel as if you were transported into the underwater world. There is just something about watching the beautiful sea creatures swimming around. They just seem to make swimming an art! Words cannot even describe the beauty of the sea!

 All these pictures are from yours truly, taken with a trusty IPhone 7. Isn’t it beautiful? You really have to visit S.E.A Aquarium! There was even a little exhibition where you can actually touch some of the sea creatures, but sadly, Travis and I spent a bit too much time at the HUGE full room sized aquarium.image-1

So do remember to allocate your time wisely for pictures, and go earlier as well, preferably on the weekdays! All in all, S.E.A Aquarium is definitely a place you should visit when you are in Singapore, and it is also great for kids because it is educational! You are bound to be fascinated by this aquarium that Singapore has to offer! So what are you waiting for?!image-3

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