Singapore’s Best Yong Tau Foo!

By Jannesse Koh

Yong tau foo is especially popular among working ladies because it is a healthier option and with its great variety of items, you can choose to have all vegetables or cheat with some deep fried goodies. Most yong tau foo stalls these days are also served with your choice of other soup like tom yum, curry or laksa. Most of the food courts will have one yong tau foo stall and also in bigger hawker centres it is common to see yong tau foo stalls with a long queue during lunch hours.

So, the best yong tau foo stall in Singapore? If you have yet to try this stall or heard of it, you have not eaten enough yong tau foo because it is absolutely the best. A pretty big claim? Trust me, go try it.

Xi Xiang Feng, located in Ang Mo Kio Central at Block 724 Avenue 6, has been in this food centre for as long as I can remember.  I have been eating there since I was a little girl, so it must have been more than 20 years now. I think they have a second outlet somewhere at Yew Tee but this is the original. I crave for this so often and don’t mind having to queue for 30 minutes or more even during off peak hours which goes to show how good they are.xi-xiang-feng

Yong tau foo is something I always go for when I don’t know what to eat or just want something soupy. So, I have tried quite a number of yong tau foo stalls out there and I always always still like this the best.  I haven’t found another that can match up to Xi Xiang Feng. And just remember they have a range of other items to choose from. I visit so often that the helper knows what I want already; soup and bee hoon without fail.delicious-ingredients-at-xi-xiang-feng

Their bee hoon is unlike any other I have eaten – it’s a lot more springy and doesn’t go mushy after leaving it to soak in the soup. Because I’m so obsessed with their bee hoon, I’ve tried buying different brands from the supermarket but still nothing tastes like it. I once saw their order of bee hoon delivered and managed to catch a glimpse at the brand, name.  I then bought the same brand from the supermarket and it still didn’t taste the same.  I highly recommend you try their bee hoon. Their soup uses a lot of ingredients and taste really rich.  It’s not the usual clear soup which tends to be more bland with other stalls; theirs has a lot more body to it. I’m a soup lover that is why I always go for their soup option but I did try their laksa before and it is just as good! Another item that makes them so good is their sweet and chili sauce and I believe they make it themselves. The sweet sauce has a really fragrant taste that is also unlike the usual sweet sauce I have tried. Their chili sauce has a slight burnt taste to it in a good way and the 2 combined really complement each other well.

To round it up, the three major items that make me go back to Xi Xiang Feng for over 20 years are bee hoon, soup, and sauces. Big thumbs up!food-at-xi-xiang-feng

See below for how long the queue is and that is when I went at an off peak hour. I was hesitant to write this post initially because I do not want the queue to get worse but hey good things are for sharing and I’ll be happy to know if you think this is the best too. 🙂queue-at-xi-xiang-feng

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