Rasa Istimewa Woodlands Beachfront Restaurant

By Mildred Jones

This lovely quaint restaurant is located on the jetty at Woodlands Waterfront with a great view of Johore, Malaysia amidst a beautiful park. With the ocean waters sparkling in front of the restaurant, watch the ships come in the evenings, all lighted up in grandeur or take a stroll along the jetty and enjoy the sea breeze where you will surely find romantic music being strung by couples. Especially so on the weekends, this becomes a favourite place for fishing enthusiasts, despite the no fishing signs that left us completely tickled. What is so special about the restaurant is that it serves up Chinese halal restaurant dishes at Kopi Tiam prices! The Seafood Fried Rice and the Mee Goreng is at an affordable $5 per plate.Prawns

If you are game for the more exotic dishes, add on the Ikan Pari at $14, the crispy Cereal Coated Prawns are offered at $25 and the popular battered Fried Grouper at $26 comes in three flavoured sauces, Mango, Thai and Chilli. The Curry Fish Head is at $24 and is delightfully cooked in a claypot. There is no missing the traditional thick coconut milk that the gravy is cooked in with beautifully soaked lady’s fingers and brinjal slices. This is accompanied with fluffy steamed, white fragrant rice.

Another favourite is the Barbecue Combo that includes a platter of Cuttlefish, Stingray and Lala. This is served with spicy sambal belachan chilli and zingy lime. For the more adventurous with a bigger spending budget, you might want to splurge on, one of Singapore’s favourite national dishes, the crustaceans, Sri Lankan Crabs cooked in Singapore’s famous secret dripping Chilli sauces. This can also be done alternatively in, black pepper or salted egg at $70 per two large crabs. They are noted for their tender sweet and moist, meaty flesh. Satay is up for grabs in a variety of different meats, chicken, mutton or beef with gorgeous peanut sauce and green leaf wrapped ketupat.Fried Grouper

Deserts like Ice Kachang with its sweet syrups and Mango Snow Ice are very popular. They are served in large portions with generous toppings. Traditional home-made Teh Tarik (Tea) and Kopi (Coffee) are for afters, once you have settled down. 

The restaurant opens till midnight, so that gives you plenty of time to get there and take in the surroundings before you order. We recommend you make a reservation if you are coming in larger groups. So put on your flip flops and a breezy t-shirt and just have some good natured fun in a relaxed laid back atmosphere.

Photo Acknowledgements: yummykoh.blogspot.com, foreignfeasts.com


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