Bar Canary

By Mildred Jones

This bar is located on the 4th floor of Grand Park Hotel. It seems to be the local haunt for those looking for affordable drinks and company. It is a vibrant, energetic environment at the heart of Orchard Road. It offers its well-known Veuve Clicquot signature cocktails, a sparkling champagne from France, sweet in variety and specifically used to mix in cocktails. It enhances the flavours in fruit and vegetable juices. It is usually drunk in a wide rimmed glass, on the rocks with fruit like strawberry, lime and grapefruit. Although, I would recommend you drinking it straight.

This champagne, around the pool side, barfly drinking and disco playing will loosen your joints and get you to kick off your shoes. Two of the favourite items at Bar Canary are the Endless Summer and the Coco Chanel cocktails.  These drinks will unnerve you as you take in the breathtaking views overlooking the city.

Photo by Grand Park Orchard

‘The Endless Summer’ is made with Pisco, shaken with pineapple, ginger and fresh lime. You could feel the heat on your lips as the warm sensation begins to take over.  ‘The Coco Chanel’, is made with Gold Rum and coconut liqueur with fresh coconut water, shaken with wheatgrass and topped with fresh mint sprigs with a hint of lime juice.

The boozy pops like the Passion Fruit Mint and the Lemon Grass are playful twists presented on the menu. These cocktail popsicles come in more varieties of summery flavours. You could have the Strawberry Margarita, Mixed Berries Shinso, Coconut Lemongrass and Mango Cayenne to ignite your fire. You could have these for a mere $6 per piece. The romantic settings could unseat you and it’s best to lounge on the comfortable canary settees, feel the grass with your feet and enjoy the relaxing pool side view.

If food is for the taking and you need a bite then we suggest you place your order with the Mitzo restaurant. Noted for its Cantonese cuisine, it combines a contemporary take on its food. The recommended assorted platter or the grilled gourmet skewers is equally delicious. Other options include Grilled Prawn with Mango Salsa, Miso Beef with Onions, Shishamo with Seaweed and Quail eggs in bonito sauce, to name a few.

To throw in a special package, Bar Canary announces its $50 dollar deal which offers a free flow of champagne, house pour wines, spirits and cocktails during 7pm to 9pm on ‘Ladies Night’ which falls on every Wednesday. On weekdays though, a special rate applies for early birds arriving between 6pm to 9pm.


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