The Blue Bali

By Mildred Jones

Henry Ridley Para Rubber TreeThe Blue Bali is hidden in a relaxing and elegant setting in the recently nominated UNESCO heritage site of the Botanical Gardens. The Gardens most significant contribution was the introduction of the para rubber by Henry Ridley which grew into a main crop that changed the economic and social aspect of the region.

Pavilions over the huts with throw on cushions accompanied with wooden carved furniture, lent to a romantic getaway from the city life and back to the arms of nature with traditional incense permeating the surrounding air. Trickling fountains are at almost every corner, running low on the private decks of the villas.Blue Bali Singapore

And if that does not entice you, the smooth blend of blue curacao with lime would swoon you and is offered as the signature drink. Refreshing custom made beers are prepared with red dragon fruit and spices, honey, basil and ginger, served chilled in the crisp evenings. Along with the collection, are fine assorted wines and cocktails are readily available while soft music plays in the background.


The Pan Asian Cuisine includes Balinese, Malaysian, Thai and Indian food. Pumpkin prawns, butter chicken, grilled fish, satays, samosas and mango sticky rice are among the Asian delights. The alternative is an Indonesian Platter which serves a generous amount.

Other dishes include succulent roasted chicken, mango salsa and salads or skewered chicken with peanut sauce. Kang kong is usually served with steamed rice and bean curds, equally delicious. Beef kababs, bhindi masala and naan adds to the exotic foods layered in variety. To sum up, banana fritters with vanilla ice-cream seals the day. Make your reservations online to keep a place for a special friend. Service is warm and friendly.Assortment of Food in Singapore

Photo acknowledgements:, cottage

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