Christmas Wonderland Review

By Kianna Koh As mentioned in one of my previous articles, ‘Events to look out for this Christmas’, Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay was highly anticipated by everyone, after last year’s phenomenal support from everyone! Earlier this week, Travis and I went down, got tickets and spent the day at Christmas Wonderland to see the new attractions and explore the place a bit … Continue reading Christmas Wonderland Review

How to Plan Your Own Tour When Visiting Singapore

Did you know there is a nickname for Singapore? It’s ‘The Little Red Dot’ because compared to the other countries, we are just a tiny island that you probably cannot even find on a world map!

However, in this Little Red Dot, we have a lot to offer. Anything you want can be found right here in Singapore. Continue reading How to Plan Your Own Tour When Visiting Singapore

Where to be One with Nature in Singapore

By Kiana Koh The common scenery in Singapore is tower after tower of buildings and high rise HDB (Housing Development Board) Flats. So naturally, it can get really mundane and boring here, especially if you stay here long enough. In Singapore, it’s almost a rarity to be able to get away from all of our daily hectic lifestyle. I am fairly sure that when the … Continue reading Where to be One with Nature in Singapore

Date, but not Dead

By Kiana Koh Let’s start this off by saying that Singapore is really expensive. It is even more expensive when you’re young, in love and just looking to have some fun with your boyfriend/girlfriend without burning a big hole in your pocket! Hence, the title, ‘Date, but not dead.’ Because you know, the worst thing is not having any money living here (cue eye roll.) … Continue reading Date, but not Dead

Haw Par Villa: Welcome to Hell

By Kiana Koh No, seriously. Haw Par Villa is home to tons of creepy, gory statues and wax figures that educate visitors about Chinese culture. Haw Par Villa, or better known as the Tiger Balm Garden in its heyday, was built way back in 1937. It was built by Burmese-Chinese brothers Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par, whose main intentions were to allow the … Continue reading Haw Par Villa: Welcome to Hell