We’re The Furballs: Dog Café in Singapore 

By Kiana Koh

It all started with a Japanese tourist who brought back a marvelous idea of opening a pet café. Now, there are so many pet cafes in the world you just simply cannot count them al! There is even a sheep café in South Korea!

Pet cafes have been a craze since 2014 and Singapore is also hit by it. As of now, Singapore has more than 10 pet cafes with We’re The Furballs (WTF) being one of the more popular dog cafes here.

We’re The Furballs is located at Bugis+, and its all the way up on the 7th floor.We're The Furballs (WTF) in Singapore

The entrance is very bright, cheery and adorable, and it made me excited to go in!

It was my first time visiting a dog café and truth be told, I was really looking forward to having fun with the dogs there! I went on a Monday, together with Travis and we were told that there would be a waiting time of around 15 to 20 minutes because there were many visitors inside already.

We were also given a list of their rules and had to read through them. I like that they implemented this idea to let every customer read through all the rules, because as a first time visitor there, I knew more or less what to do.

After the waiting time was over, I received a call from WTF letting us know that we had a slot in.

The payment has to be done in cash, so anyone who’s planning on visiting WTF, please do bring cash as well as your ID so the staffs are able to verify your age. No children below 9 years old are allowed.

There is an admission fee of SGD 10.90 per person or SGD 9.50 (students), and you will be charged for subsequent 30 minutes. The staff will exchange your ID for a pass that you have to wear around your neck, and they will write the time that you went in on the pass! But just to be safe, do try and remember what time you went in as well. You might have too much fun and forget about the time!

On weekends, eve of public holidays and public holidays, the admission fee will be SGD 12.50.

Each admission comes with a free drink, which you can choose from the counter. You can just let the staff know!

Let’s move on to the moment everyone’s waiting for.. THE DOGS!

Unfortunately, I was unable to take a photo with all the dogs or photos of all of them individually, so here are the ones that I managed to quickly take before they jetted off to someone else.Corgi at Furballs in Singapore

This is Waffles, the corgi who is just so full of energy! She isn’t afraid of strangers and would gladly jump onto your lap for a treat.

Woolie is a sweet Westie who came to me for a cuddle! I actually managed to get a proper picture with her. After awhile she dozed off on my lap.

Then we have Yuki-Chan over here, she is pretty reluctant to play with strangers because she isn’t used to them as you can probably tell from the picture!Pomeranian at We're the Furballs in Singapore

This is Mochi and she’s a mini Maltese, my heart melted at the sight of her, how adorable is she?! She is quite shy with strangers too.

So these were the only few decent photos I have with the dogs but they were all just so adorable!

The only way you’re gonna get them to come to you, is if you purchase the little treats that they sell in the café. The dogs are really smart, especially Waffles, they would just follow you around when they see the pack of treats you’re holding! 1 packet of treats will cost you SGD 3, but if you buy 3 packs, then you will get 1 pack for free! So you’re getting 4 packs of treats for SGD 9. I just felt like the treats were too little and we were paying a bit too much just for how little the treats were.Play area at We're the Furballs

So this is how the café looks like on the inside, it’s pretty spacious so the dogs are able to roam around and there are toys as well.We're the Furballs Dog Cafe in Singapore

On a side note, this was how it’s like whenever I tried to take a proper photo with Waffles and she doesn’t receive any treats…

My first trip to a dog café was good, I really love the dogs there and will definitely return to visit and play with them.  you’re in the area and you’ve got some spare cash, please check We’re The Furballs out!Corgi Friend in Singapore

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