Chic-a-boo at Marina Square

By Kiana Koh

Marina Square mall has lots to offer, and I stumbled upon this little fast food joint, Chic-a-boo.

The menu looks good and the smell of fried chicken can be smelt a mile away. It managed to lure me in (I love fried chicken and am always on the hunt for more good ones)! I had pretty high expectations and I placed my order and waited patiently.

I ordered the BBQ chicken burger and Travis ordered the Cheezy burger.Cheezy Burger at Chic-a-boo in Singapore

When you think of a BBQ chicken burger, what do you expect? You expect a barbequed chicken patty right? Because that is what BBQ stands for, barbeque.BBQ Chicken Burger at Chic-a-boo in Singapore

However, what I got instead was fried chicken, slathered in BBQ sauce. The whole burger had the sauce and it made it so difficult to eat because the bbq sauce was so thick and it was everywhere. It just felt like I was eating bbq sauce.

Chic-a-boo is such a disappointment and I honestly will not patronize them again.

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