Italian Dining at Saizeriya Restaurants

By Mildred Jones

Italian food tends to be slightly pricey in Singapore, but I think I spotted a good deal with Saizeriya Restaurants. Well lighted and airy, the restaurants have spacious rooms with good service and they boast many branches in Singapore and abroad! The bonus is that there is no service charge on the bill. The variety of pastas were tasty and affordable.

We began with the Oregano Chicken Salad that had lovely pieces of the delicate meat. The Tuna Salad was another interesting option on the menu and so was the Salmon Salad. The Wakame Salad was obviously Japanese inspired and for the adventurous while the Garden Salad was bountiful and priced at a mere $3.90. The soups offered were creamy in body rather than light. These include the Mushroom Soup, the Corn Cream Soup and the Seafood Chowder. A good pick me up on rainy days like ours, notice how it has started to pour outside Singapore gardens. What is soup without bread? You may ask, well they have all that lined up as well, beginning with the Original Focaccia, the Garlic Focaccia and the Garlic Baguette to accompany your main.Saizeriya Restaurants in Singapore

Also on the menu was the Aglio Olio Bacon Pomodoro Broccoli Lunch. It had a rich tomato sauce and the pasta was al dente; the infusion of garlic was lovely and permeated through the pasta. The Carbonara Pasta is neatly priced at $5.90! But the pasta that stole my senses was the rich Mushroom Cream Spinach which I paired with the must have Vongole Soup, better known on the menu as the seafood soup (here was a light soup and you need not worry about putting on that weight.) The other pastas included the squid ink, the Chicken Bolognaise, the Salmon Spinach Cream and the Mentalko flavour shrimp pasta with broccoli!

If you are up for pizzas instead, the crispy breads are offered in a good variety. Among them are the Margherita, the Pepperoni, the Pineapple and Bacon, Chicken and Broccoli and the Seafood Divine. There are however other options like Curry Chicken Baked Rice, the Asian version of Risotto, Bacon and Mushroom Risotto, Salmon Gratin, Chicken Spinach Gratin.Saizeriya Restaurant Pizza

These have been very attractive dishes on the menu that have pulled customers to the Restaurants, keeping them satisfied and happy. Branches of the Restaurant are located in Singapore, China and even Hong Kong. So take the well worth trip down to Saizeriya Restaurant. Please take note of the bonus free flow of drinks that also come with set meals! Enjoy!

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