The Soul Thai Restaurant

By Mildred Jones

The Soul Thai RestaurantIf you are thinking of taking a day trip to Malaysia in time for lunch, then I recommend the Soul Thai restaurant at City Square Mall. Take the bus 950 from woodlands and you are on your way. The wooden furniture and the sofas in the restaurant have seen better times  but the food makes up for it. Situated at the second level of City Square Mall, it is quick and easy to locate it. Using the automated passport gateways at customs, we continued our journey on the same bus and we were in JB within minutes. We were greeted with two impressive Thai statutes at the doorway of the restaurant, inlaid floor tiles and wooden carvings that gave the restaurant a warm atmosphere. The signature dishes include Pineapple Fried Rice, Tom Yum Soup, Green Curry and Thai Fish Cakes. Most of the dishes range from RM10-Rm20. Affordable, considering most are taking advantage of the Singapore to Malaysia exchange rate. The fried fish fetched a higher price at $45RM plus. To our surprise, two tables burst in happy birthday songs to their loved ones, an obvious choice for feast celebrations.

We tried the Tom Yum, and yes it was really hot stuff, with hints of lemon grass, chilli, bits of chicken and onions and assam contributing to a full bodied soup in a hot fired up clay-pot. It was the traditional sour hot taste that most would die for. We chose accompaniments of ‘Tao Gay’ fried in a rich salted fish sauce, ‘Kang Kong’ done with sambal belachan (otherwise known as a shrimp paste) and hot chillies with a plate of chicken, red peppers, onions and cashew nuts. We also had tender ‘Prawns with Petai’ which was extremely hot, I was dousing warm water at the end of it.

If you are looking for the economy meals, then by all means go for the set meals, nicely priced at about RM10 each. The favourite on there seems to be the ‘Black pepper Beef with egg on top’. Every Monday to Friday, from 12pm to 3.30pm, the set meals come with a free drink.

Acknowledgements: Reproduction of Photos from Johore Kaki Bolgspot

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