Butter Studio

By Janness Koh

I have always agreed with the saying that girls have two stomachs, one of which is for dessert. So no matter how full you are, you will always have room for dessert. That’s what my friend and I decided to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon. We went to Butter Studio, a quaint little cafe that does not blend in with its industrial business neighbours along Jalan Besar; this is a place one would describe as a rose among thorns.Butter Studio

I really like the decor in here which has a nice vibe. It has bits of France, bits of Greece, bits of Italy, an overall mixed European style but still young and hip. I like how they also incorporate some retro items from an old radio to the metal lampshades.

There isn’t a ton of variety of flavours but they do serve at least three types of cakes, some cupcakes and mini pies, as well as a selection of coffee and tea. I feel it’s really more about the quality than the quantity here. What’s more thoughtful is the iced water they serve is infused with fruits like cucumber and orange which is refreshing for the hot weather as well as cleansing your palate in between different flavours of cake.

Not knowing if the two of us could finish, we still went ahead and ordered three different cakes: salted caramel red velvet, rose lychee, and ondeh ondeh. Presented to us were 3 aesthetically beautiful cakes.Three types of cakes at Butter Sudios

After trying them out, I would say the red velvet really isn’t anything to write home about. Although my favourite flavour was the rose lychee because of how much I love anything that has those two flavours, the star here is the ondeh ondeh. Not only is it such an original flavour, but is also a good representation of Singapore. It has all the essence of an ondeh ondeh, with a gula melaka cream in between pandan cake as well as grated coconut as the filling. The only thing  I would have liked is to have more grated coconut in it to actually taste them. But nonetheless it is really delicious. All the cakes were soft and moist with the right amount of sweetness and the fruits infused water helps if you intend to taste more cakes.Ondeh Ondeh at Butter Studio

P/S: They take wedding cake requests too. Hurray to a really special wedding cake flavour!

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