Lime House

By Mildred Jones

You could hear the beat of the calypso drum and the soca, taste the salty air and be transported to a fete or a chutney brass. The infusion of the vibrant cosmopolitan mix of French, Spanish, English, African and Indian influences is reflected in the décor and in the food in The Lime House. It serves authentic Caribbean in the heart of Singapore’s Chinatown. The three floors with airy high ceilings provide ample space for a vast ocean of light to flicker through.

Chef Hassan Defour has ingeniously prepared a great mix of food on the menu. What immediately meets the eye on the menu is the sumptuous beef ribs, slowly oven baked, sitting in a thick zing of barbecue sauce, lemon lime, served with potato chump, coleslaw, and salad.Ribs at The Lime House in Singapore

The whole Fish Escovitch, thought of as Spanish as well as Persian in origin can be freshly baked (or fried, upon request) and topped with pickled vegetables, garlic and oregano. Although in Spain, it is served as a cold dish, otherwise known as ‘Escabeche’. It is usually marinated overnight (in vinegar or a citrus juice). Interestingly, it is also known as ‘Scabeche in North Africa. This is accompanied with whole baby sea bass, okra and rich coconut cream with potatoes and salad in the Lime House.Dinner at The Lime House

Another signature dish is the whole Jerk lamb, seasoned marinated, pan baked and served whole with scotch bonnet peppers, roasted root vegetables, macaroni pies, buttered vegetables and salad.

You could also choose to have the irresistible sweet potato spinach gratin, baked in a casserole with potato slices, garlic crumbs, rich coconut cream, topped with cheddar cheese. The baby goat curry steals the day with tender pieces submerged in a Caribbean style curry, accompanied with rice, peas and fried plantains.

The desserts are a dream, with a thick slice of spiced banana cake topped with fig ice-cream, dripping with honey and caramel. It is truly a sight to behold. Alternately, you could have the smooth creme brulee with white chocolate shavings and sorrel compote, simply divine.Dessert at The Lime House in Singapore

Another must have, is the full bodied gorgeous golden pumpkin tart! Cocktails are also available for the taking and the Lime House features their classic rum punch. This is a fruity mix of rum, bitters, orange, pineapple and a hint of lime juice. Make your reservations early and dine in this fabulous restaurant in smart casual, where the service is just excellent.

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