Adventure Junkies Rejoice – Top Three Activity Centers to Get Your Adrenaline Fix

By Juls. H

The restless amongst us need to unwind by unleashing their energy bouncing against trampolines, scaling up walls, and wakeboarding in choppy seas. Where in Singapore can the energiser bunnies get their adrenaline fix?

For starters, check out Amped Trampoline Park in Jurong. An indoor park, it features ceiling to floor padding and a solid trampoline mat to get you started. Get geared up with socks before you attempt to bounce off walls – and be ready to enjoy an hour long of frantic jumping. There is no age restriction so bring the kids along and let them exhaust their boundless energy!Amped Trampoline ParkAdventure centers have found more ways to outsmart the sun with the scorching weather in Singapore.  There is no lack of indoor rock climbing centers for those of us who like to pretend we are relatives of Spidey. Climb at Climb Central in the Singapore Sports Hub, which features the tallest indoor climbing facility in Singapore. Whether you are a beginner climber or an expert climber, the climbing center has various packages to take you through your climbing experience.Central Climb in SingaporeIf you prefer to be in the water instead of on land, then you have to explore Singapore’s first and only Cable Ski Park. Cable Skiing or Cable Wakeboarding is water skiing or wakeboarding with the pull of a cable system that goes continuously around the lagoon. Experienced cable-skiers can even do tricks like a 360 degree twirl in the air. Perhaps cable skiing around the water park is not exciting enough for you? Then ask for foam obstacles to be placed in your way so that you can hit and leverage on the impact from the bounce to go higher in the air.Cable Ski Park
So when the next weekend rolls around and you want to relegate yourself to couch potato duty, why not try out some of these mentioned quick fix adrenaline boosts instead?

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